The triumphant return of...(Spoilers ahoy)

I wasn't a big fan of 24's sixth season. I didn't talk about it much here, but in my semi-regular user reviews over at TV.com, boy oh boy did I rip into that show on a weekly basis. I've been optimistic about season seven, however, since it seemed as though the writers of the show heard the cries of fans and decided to do something about it. Although we won't be able to say for sure until the season actually airs, it seems to be that a smaller threat and an exorcism of the seriously-overstayed-its-welcome CTU are definitely steps in the right direction.

And, on a pure fanboy level, FOX has let slip a nugget that makes me a very happy fan.

It's majorly spoilerish, so I've placed a buffer image (a la our good friend Mike Sterling) for those who don't want to take a look. For those that do, read at your own risk.


According to whoever wrote the press release for the new season (and promptly reported on by TV.com):

Bauer’s day gets off to a shocking start when former colleague Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard), last seen in 'Day 5,' returns after being left for dead by a terrorist conspirator in CTU’s infirmary.
This is very interesting stuff. I mean, yeah, Tony is supposedly dead, but in my mind it was always very unclear and there are a lot of ways to explain it away. I suppose we should have seen something like this coming, what with the fake ending (or was it the original ending? I forget) of season six, which was to have featured a cliffhanger ending on Tony's return.

This makes me pretty happy. Even though season five was one of the better seasons of the show's run, I think it sort of doomed season six in a way because, with so many characters dead and so many zany plot twists that made sense, it was hard to get into the plot (which was pretty hard to believe at times) and it was pretty hard to care about the characters, since so many of them were brand new and so many of the characters who made it into season six were either incredibly boring (Bill) or had somehow become so in the off-season (Chloe).

Plus, I've always liked Tony. He was sort of the "office" version of Jack, his counterpart in a way. Killing him off, and so unceremoniously at that, was incredibly shocking, but I've always thought it was a bad idea, and I'm glad it's something they're rectifying.

I'm still very skeptical about this upcoming season, but I'm really, really hoping that the writers can make it fresh, exciting, and interesting again. I like to think that the return of Tony Almeida is a step in that direction.



Siskoid said...

Last year's 24 was a joke with a ton of characters returning and turning out to be connected to Jack, etc. It was really a parody of itself, and I think it should have ended right then and there, with Jack on the cusp of committing suicide. Did he, didn't he? That would have been a fitting, ambiguous series finale.

Dropping CTU (and L.A.?) is the best thing they can do since the "24" concept really has nothing to do with counter-terrorism. After Season 1, I'd imagined Jack going over to Bosnia to tie up some loose ends. 24 hours in a paramilitary mission, that kind of thing.

Hopefully they can recapture something.

Matt said...

I agree. When I first heard that the shadowy guy from Season 5 was going to be Jack's brother, I felt a little ill. I didn't mind it so much in retrospect, but the things that Graem brought with him - Marilyn, Josh, and Phillip Bauer - severely damaged what little enjoyment I had of the season. I thought it was a huge wasted opportunity. I don't mind them telling stories about Jack's family, but when it's used simply to get angst while you have a perfectly built in situation waiting to be used - that is, Jack's imprisonment and torture in China - well, that's just bad storytelling, if you ask me.

The storytelling also seemed really ADD, like they had this idea of what they wanted but they didn't know how to attain it. First you had the terrorist stuff, then Jack's family stuff, then more terrorist stuff, then some Russian stuff, some stuff with Logan thrown in (with no resolution, I might add), then China, Audrey, and MORE Bauer family drama. It all felt too packed, and too rushed.


The Mutt said...

Zombie Tony! TWoP's prayers are answered!