Say, is this shameless? Maybe, but I'm doing it anyway.

A woman named Katherine, with a site called Heavy Ink, sent me (and apparently others) an e-mail. Apparently a new web-based comic shop is opening up in the fall, and they want feedback. They're asking folks to complete a survey, and they're supposedly offering one lucky participant five graphic novels, valued at roughly $100. Also, all participants will recieve a full year of any comic for free when you "subscribe to another comic book at [their] regularly discounted prices."

I'm not sure if these graphic novels will be pre-chosen or for the "winner" to decide, but it still sounds like quite a deal.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to post this, but these people seem genuinely concerned with bringing their potential customers the best service possible.

So what are you waiting for? Go take the survey!



Neither can live while the other survives

And so it ends.

I've just spent a fine portion of today finishing up Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the seventh and final chapter in J.K. Rowling's sprawling Harry Potter opus.

Needless to say it had all of the twists, turns, and action that Harry Potter fans have come to expect.

I imagine I'll write a full review before the week is out, but I'm going to wait a day or so - both to allow it to sink in, allowing me to properly articulate my feelings on it, and for the sake of fellow bloggers and visitors who may be unable to resist the urge to be spoiled.

That said, first impressions of the book as a whole are overwhelmingly positive.



Monday Morning Macking: Awful Bootleg Edition

Is it wrong? Against the rules? Illegal? Maybe.

But it feels so good.

Because Steven "Don Juan" Padnick demands it, I defy my lack of a scanner and bring you a clip so steamy, they couldn't show it in theatres.*

In celebration of this weekend's release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, watch with baited breath this video of budding young love, and revel in amazement at the realistic shaky-cam and life-like audience commentary.

It feels so good.


P.S. 50th post. Yay?

*Clip actually shown in theatres.


Like beating a dead horse

MARVEL ZOMBIES 2 #1 (of 5)
Are you ready for Marvel Zombies Civil War? Forty years have passed and the zombies have come back home after eating just about everything else in the universe. Yum yum! What awaits them back on Earth, though, is beyond anything even these shambling monstrosities could have conceived! This is a new series featuring the amazing, irreverent take on the Marvel characters that became last year's unexpected smash hit. They're back and more stomach-churning than ever! The smash hit series is back, daring to ask: "Whose stomach are you in?"
32 PGS./Parental Advisory ?$2.99

Dear Marvel,

I think it's about time we put a stop to this, don't you?

Come on, buddy. Whaddya say?




More poor excuses for content

Between the lack of big comics-related news, an increasingly spotty internet connection, and finances keeping me from picking up my books on time, it seems as though Another Damn Comic Blog has fallen on some hard times.

Content will hopefully be coming very soon. I know I've said that before, but I mean it. That is, if my internet decides to work long enough for me to actually log in and upload a post.

For those of you who continue to read and comment despite my recent lack of substantial updates, thank you. Your support means the world to me.



Random Thoughts: Buffy, Season 8 #4

I read the latest issue of Buffy today (yeap, I'm late again).

Here, we see Willow captured by Amy and the magically still-alive Warren. At one point, it seems apparent that Warren is gouging out one of Willow's eyes, and later we hear that he's lobotomizing her.

Once Buffy reaches her, however, Willow appears to be fine. The implication through the dialogue is that Willow used some kind of magicks to heal herself.

My question is - if that's how it works, couldn't she easily heal Xander's eye? Surely he's used to his cycloptic nature by now, but I imagine that he'd jump at the chance to regain his depth perception, no?



P.S. I'm also mourning the apparent death of occasional thorn-in-the-side Ethan Rayne. We hardly knew ye.


Girl Be Crazy

Nothing big today, as I'm still recouperating from my fantastic trip, spending time with the family, and racking my brain for some worthy content for a post.

However, I did stumble across these amusing images of Heroes' Hayden "The Cheerleader" Panettiere, which you may have already seen, during my early morning web-surfing...


This is ridiculously awesome. She's living out my lifelong dream of wearing a Stormtrooper helmet at all times.

Photos courtesy of the always-amusing What Would Tyler Durden Do?


Triumphant Return

It's almost 5 am, and I'm back. I'm sunburnt and dirty and tired, but I had an absolutely incredible time as always.

I hope everyone had a good week, and I look forward to catching up on everything I missed. Hopefully I'll have a new post for you guys within the next couple of days, after I get my bearings.

But now, it's time for me to sleep.