Another open letter to Frank Miller

Sorry, dude.

Carry on.


Choose your own caption

SPOILERS AHOY for the latest (and final!) issue of Sensational Spider-Man:

A few caption ideas popped into my head upon seeing this, so I thought I would let you, the reader, decide which one you favored - or heck, even to come up with some of your own!

a.) Mephisto is a petty, petty bitch.

b-1.) No longer satisfied with collecting the souls of the dead, Mephisto decides he'd be better served as a divorce attorney.

b-2.) I would read and/or write a series called Mephisto: Divorce Lawyer from Hell.

c.) There'd better be a damned good explanation for this one, Joe Quesada.

That's all I've got, for now. Surely you, my fellow bloggers, are far cleverer than I - got any good ones? Leave them in the comments or post them on your own sites!



Joke's on you

As part of its viral marketing campaign for The Dark Knight, Warner Bros. intended to release the first official image of Heath Ledger as the Joker piece by piece - that is, until someone went and spoiled it.

While Batman Begins certainly wasn't perfect (despite being the second-best Batman flick) and I don't expect it's successor to be either, I have to say that I am , thus far, immensely satisfied with the way this most recent portrayal of the Joker is being handled. Instead of channeling Jack Nicholson and going with the over-the-top, only slightly-more-dangerous-than-an-average-circus-clown Joker (which has never really worked for me in live-action), Christopher Nolan and David Goyer have decided to make the character as creepy and demented as possible. Really, they nailed it with the look of him - looking like that, Ledger could play the role like John Travolta circa Battlefield Earth and I think I'd still be creeped the hell out by it - even though I really hope for some dynamic new take on the character, as opposed to a simple retread and/or amalgamation of Mark Hamill or Cesar Romero.

I think the look gives the character a sort of credibility on-screen, if that makes any sense, a way for the audience - specifically the "new blood" - a reason to take this threat more seriously than they would a character with a purple suit and a simple make-up job. The Joker as a character is a twisted example of psychopathy wrapped in the guise of a childhood fear - and unlike other interpretations of the character which leaned more towards camp, The Dark Knight's take actually reflects this visually.

I can only hope that the film itself lives up to the promise of this image. Like the rest of the comics blogosphere, I'll be watching this one closely.



And now, a moment of random awesome

The players: Matt (Aged 21) and his Little Brother (Aged 13)

The setting: The other night in Matt's basement room, playing Super Mario Galaxy

Little Brother: Hey Matt?
Matt: Yeah?
LB: Who sings that song, "The Final Countdown"?
M: Um...a band named Europe, why?
LB: Because that song is totally awesome.

I am so...very proud.

That is all.



And now, your extra-special Scrubs moment of the day

A lot of people online seem to be down on the last couple seasons of Scrubs. I just finished watching Season 5 on DVD for the first time, and personally, I loved it.

Especially this:

Why? I don't know. Maybe it's that the song "Kung Fu Fighting" plays in the background the whole time, or that the sequence goes on for two whole minutes. Or maybe just because it makes me chuckle, unlike Foating Head Doctor.

Watch it. Love it. Savor it.

That is all.