Adventures in Video Game Retail, Part Two (In a Series)

You know, I recently got promoted at GameStop. You'd think that this would get me more of these stories more often, but surprisingly I've mostly been dealing with relatively normal people (or, at least, weird people who don't really do anything of note).

This one isn't quite as amusing (or appalling) as the last one, but I got a good bit of bemusement out of it. This fella, let's just call him Guy, comes in on September 20 and trades in some Xbox accessory. After he takes his cash he wanders around the store a bit, asking questions here and there. At one point he comes to the counter and the following ensued. Keep in mind that Guy is at least 25 and may or may not have been cracked out of his mind (and also, that this is verbatim):

Guy: So, uh, when does Fable II come out?
Matt: October 21 [Insert mild banter about how ridiculously excited Matt is for the game]
Guy: Uh, how long from now is that?
Matt: [Bewildered stare] Uhm...just about a month, at this point.
Guy: Huh. Cool.
[Exit Guy.]

I just don't get people sometimes.


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