I would have laughed, if I could have remembered how...

Caught this during the season premiere of The Shield earlier tonight (review for that upcoming, by the way):

Color me skeptical. I was a huge fan of both of the games when they hit on the PC. On the whole the trailer seems to capture the feel of the games (Mila Kunis aside), although I am curious to know if it will stick to the original game's entire story - what with all the secret corporate espionage and what-not - or if it will stay closer to the game's first third, which is more of a hard-boiled cop yarn.

And seriously, what's with those demon things?



CalvinPitt said...

There's a Max Payne movie? Why the hell don't people tell me these things sooner? I thought when people were talking about Max Payne, they meant another game was coming out.

I'm going to hope the demons/angels/valkyries are either metaphorical, or that they mean we will be getting parts of the movie where Max is sturng out on drugs, just like those levels in the game where he was running through his house only to enter a giant black abyss where he had to run on trails of blood while red snow(?) fell all around him. Those levels were freaking awesome.

Wahlberg, though, I'm not sure his voice is tough enough. I'll guess he'll be OK. Back when the game first came out, my roommate and I talked about if they made it into a movie, they should use a guy named Vincent Ventresca, because we thought he looked a lot like Max (he was starring in The Invisible Man TV show that was running at that time, and why the hell did no one tell me that show was on DVD?). I guess he's not a big enough actor.

I think I'd really enjoy it if it follows the game and goes into crazy-ass govt. conspiracy territory. Really, though I just want them to include that crazy guy that kept screaming "I am the wolf! Ahwooo!" He was awesome.

Doc said...

dude, we're shockingly similar
keep it up

GeekyRobot said...

The video's gone...