State of the Blog 2009, Ramble Edition

At this point it's been approximately twenty-one days since my previous post, which in turn was merely a mention of the four months that had lapsed between the post before that (which, in turn, was hardly a post at all, the latest in a series of what could only be considered glorified tweets).

I am still intent on getting this page, shadow of a real blog though it may be, back on track (or as close to on track as it ever really was) very soon. I have some posts and some ideas for posts and some thoughts on ideas for posts percolating. I am, however, moving on Monday and am the best man at a friend's wedding in the days just before that (and then starting college again almost right after the move and oh yeah, my birthday falls in there somewhere), so I don't know if there'll be any kind of real, honest to goodness content (was there ever?) before next week.

A lot of my ideas don't necessarily have much to do with comics though, and I think once I start writing again it will be a more of a hub of all-purpose nerdiness with some room for general tomfoolery on my part, so I'm thinking about, I dunno, changing the name or something to reflect that.

Anyway, in the meantime, I've started doing that twitter thing that all of the kids are fussing about, so I'm messing around with that (follow me @mrliparota if you're so inclined).

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